owdy. This here is a story about Joe. It’s a long tall tale but we’ll try and keep it real short. Joe was born in Dallas Texas and then lived pretty much all over. When you’re raised in the Lone Star State you learn a helluva lot about life and plenty some about food. And food is where our story begins. Why, it was food that landed Joe this side of the pond with his Original Jerky Company and food that made this cowboy ride with Dragons. And it’s Joe’s authentic taste of Texas that has turned his Dragon’s Den dream into the best little jerky house this side of Texas.

Being a son of Texas, Joe’s done stuff Joe’s way most his years. And he sure wasn’t going to break with tradition when it came to making his own jerky. Hell, it’s already considered an art form back home and Joe’s been on a mission to spread the jerky word for as long as he can recall. That’s


why he only uses choice cuts of prime British Silverside and fresh natural ingredients. And it ain’t Texas ‘style’ or Texas ‘flavoured’, it’s the real deal. No preservatives, no additives and no surprises. Just great tasting jerky - jerky like it ought to be.

Joe’s passion for all things Texan don’t stop there neither. Over the coming months we’ll be adding other jerky flavours, introducing our BBQ sauces, opening a restaurant and spreading the meaty word all over London via our pop-up BBQ. Our jerkies will kick like broncos, our BBQ sauces will be as fine as cream gravy and our eatery will be a cantina of culinary delights. Yes sir, we’ll be real busy cooking up the authentic taste of Texas.

So for a taste as big as hell and half of Texas, chew on the best. Vaya con dios faux jerky, hello Texas Joe’s. Saddle up y’all.

Enquiries: howdy@texas-joes.com
Sales: sales@texas-joes.com
Press: press@texas-joes.com


  Joe wasn’t the biggest ‘Dallas’ fan way back but he did soak up his fair share of prime time America. And he definitely had a water tight alibi when the big guy got shot. So if ya’ll want to tune in to all things Texas Joe point your remote right here. It kinda reminds Joe of home. And no channel hopping.