This here is a story about Joe. It’s a long tall tale but we’ll try and keep it real short.

Joe was born in Dallas, Texas and then lived pretty much all over. When you’re raised in the Lone Star State you learn a helluva lot about life and plenty some about food. And food is where our story begins. Why, it was food that landed Joe this side of the pond with his Beef Jerky Company and food that made this cowboy ride with dragons. And it’s Joe’s authentic taste of Texas that has turned his Dragon’s Den dream into the best little jerky house this side of Texas.

Being a son of Texas, Joe’s done stuff Joe’s way most his years.

And he sure wasn’t going to break with tradition when it came to making his own jerky. Hell, it’s already considered an art form back home and Joe’s been on a mission to spread the jerky word for as long as he can recall.

Jerky was only the first chapter in the Texan’s story. He has made it a mission to share the food of his homeland. This is food

BBQ is a way of life in Texas. It’s something close to their hearts. They don’t “grill” much, they prefer to smoke it low and slow. Joe has been smoking meat since he could walk. It’s in his blood.

It’s not all about food with Joe though. He also wants to teach folks all about Texas. Its history, its music and its people. I guess it’s his way of feeling a little bit less homesick. The legend of Texas is almost as big as the state itself.

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